An experienced writer with a sense of humor, sense of adventure, and sense of a good story, Naomi K. Cissy Shapiro travels the world writing about the outdoors, nature, adventure, general destination, science, and fishing.


  • Trained as a science writer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; taught journalism at UW-Madison and Colorado State University
  • Published own trade magazine (Brilliant Ideas for Publishers) for newspapers for ten years
  • Authored a highly successful trade book (The Brilliant Book of Promotions, Sales Tools & Special Events)
  • Took newspaper publishers on business trips all over the world
  • Wrote a regular weekly column for the Sawyer County Record in NW Wisconsin
  • Was a stringer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Field editor or contributor to numerous newspapers, magazines, websites, and syndicates

Nickname: “The tongue that launched a thousand quips”.