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These are some of the sites I follow for information and background about travel and what’s happening in the travel world.

There are many, many more, but this will give you a start:

Elliott Advocacy

Here will go more information about Elliott; and real example of kinds of stories….

Travel Mole

Example of content…..

Travel ?

Smarter Travel

Note, this is the publication and advertising vehicle of the giant conglomerate of Service Businesses that include, Vudu, Hudu, Global, Seat Guru, AirBnb, etc. etc. etc.

Great, excellent, helpful articles, if you can get through the advertising.

Travel Age West

Travel World Magazine

The Travel Lady

Elliott Advocacy

Favorite Things

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Favorite Things

  • The movie, The Mission, with Robert DeNiro, Liam Neeson, Jeremy Irons, etc. in a story of the fight between Spain and Portugal for the land of South Ame rica, and the annihilation of the missionaries and the Guarnari tribe of indigenous people who are “in the way” of the acquisition of land and power.
  • The haunting, outstanding, brilliant musical score for the movie, The Mission, by Ennio Morricone (thought to be his masterpiece), and anything written by this brilliant musician and composer, who also wrote the music for many others that you’ll recognize when you hear them.
  • As I’ve said many times, “I’ll do anything for fishing.”
  • Chocolate.
  • Self-aware, sensitive people.

Driftfishing For Salmon on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

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“I’ll be disappointed if we’re not off the river by 8 a.m.”


These are the first words I hear from my fishing guide, Rob Gardiner, when I arrive at the Kasilof River landing (on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula) for my first-ever driftfishing experience.  It’s 4:30 a.m.

Although I like his cocky, confident attitude, I secretly hope my fishing day won’t be quite that short.

Continue reading “Driftfishing For Salmon on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula”

6 Great Things To Do In Ecuador Before Heading for the Galapagos

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“For anyone who’s dreamed of going to The Galapagos Islands, Avalon Waterways (of the Globus Family of Brands) crafted a perfect combination: Travel and Sightsee Ecuador’s diverse mainland for five days, then fly to the Galapagos Islands to board a 42-passenger luxury yacht to ply the waters around these magnificent islands! Continue reading “6 Great Things To Do In Ecuador Before Heading for the Galapagos”

Fishing with the crocs at the top of Down Under!

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(Australia’s Northern Territory)

The Northern Territory of Australia – sometimes lost in the cachet of other well-known Australia destinations – is flush with unique historical, cultural, and adventure opportunities that include  Fishing, Touring, Aboriginals, Crocodiles, Fabulous Long-legged birds, Fly-Ins, Paradise Resorts and Lodges, Waterfalls, Bush Tucker,

My own goals for a recent visit to the “Top of Down Under” were simple: Catch lots of fish in the area’s rivers and ocean waters; learn more about the Aboriginal people who inhabit the area in abundant numbers; avoid the numerous deadly snakes, spiders, and sea creatures for which Australia is known; and, finally, avoid  donating blood to the dreaded “mozzies”. Continue reading “Fishing with the crocs at the top of Down Under!”

We’ll always have… Ukpiagvik… (Formerly Known As Barrow)

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Located 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle and 500 miles north of Fairbanks, Ukpiagvik, formerly known as Barrow, Alaska, is the northernmost settlement on the North American mainland! A handful of package tours from Fairbanks and Anchorage will get you there, with seats on regular Alaska Airline flights and a tour of Barrow upon arrival. If packages are full, you can try and book your own flight from Fairbanks and arrange for a land tour which is what we did. Continue reading “We’ll always have… Ukpiagvik… (Formerly Known As Barrow)”

Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier Brought Me To My Knees

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Why was I on my knees on the Mendenhall Glacier??? 

Well, the glacier trek experience was awesome, but I tripped and fell while the guide was “helping” me go down a small slope and I smashed to my knees.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…

When I had three days to experience the multiple offerings of Juneau, Alaska, one of my first acts was to hook up with an adventure outfitter to trek on the Mendenhall Glacier.

How do you dress for a glacier trek?  Continue reading “Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier Brought Me To My Knees”