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…“It’s your lie, honey, so you can tell it any way you like…”
…“First… go and find a termite mound…”
…“What am I, a little dog?…”
…“How did I learn that whales have bad breath?…”
…“Sit here with the gun, and if a bear comes, shoot in the air…”

Most important, join me on my journeys — and make some of your own!

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5 Reasons The Galapagos Are On Everyone’s Bucket List

Comprised of 19 islands, 42 islets, and 256 rocks spanning a 20,000 square mile area on the equator

A visit to the Galapagos Islands is on everyone’s bucket list. The Galapagos are different than any other place in the world. A tour of Ecuador before or after the Galapagos is a perfectly logical adjunct to your travels.

5 Highlights Of Ecuador & The Amazon To Check Out Before (or After) You Visit The Galapagos

The perfect combination for anyone planning to visit the Galapagos is to travel and sightsee on Ecuador’s …

For starters, a pleasant four-hour flight from Atlanta, Georgia, brought us from the United States to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador…

Fishing For Barra With The Crocs & Some Aboriginal Dreaming In Australia’s Northern Territory

“Crocodiles!? Why’d it have to be crocodiles???” (I just know this is what Indiana Jones would say… as MANY salties swam around our boat while we fished for Barramundi on the Mary River in the Northern Territory of Australia).

The Northern Territory of Australia is flush with unique historical, cultural, and adventure opportunities to rival any area of any country of the world!

Is Anchorage, Alaska, The World’s Busiest Airport?

The airport is a huge world supply hub as well as the world’s largest and busiest floatplane base.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) serves over 5 million passengers annually on approximately 45 domestic and international air carriers.…

How To Flyfish From A Floaty Chair On A Small Lake In Anchorage

The Fly Guy is pulling me around the water on a leash, and I’m thinking, ‘What am I, a little dog?’

As you know, I fish wherever I go, so when I found myself with four days in Anchorage, I hooked up with a guide specializing in lakes and streams within an hour’s drive of the city…

This Idaho Fish Complies with Covid-19 Regulations

We couldn’t resist the cleverness of this email we received from The Lodge at Palisades Creek…

We couldn’t resist the cleverness of this email we received from The Lodge at Palisades Creek… The Lodge at Palisades…