The Northern Pike That Didn’t Get Away!

Naomi K. Cissy Shapiro
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by  The Northern Pike That Didn't Get Away!

“I may be smiling in this photo, you don’t see the blood running down my arm… That’s because I caught this northern pike with my own two hands — and pike, as you know, have VERY sharp teeth.

This story really began a year before the photo above was taken.  I was at the Oak Island Lodge on the western shore of Lake of the Woods. Oak Island Lodge is part of Sportsman’s Lodge on the other side of the Lake, near Baudette, Minnesota. As publicist of record for several years, I had brought in a team from In-Fisherman Magazine to icefish. The guys were in a nearby ice shack, fishing, photographing, and laughing and scratching (I presume), and I was fishing alone, in a nearby ice shack.

During my fishing in the shack, I hooked a large walleye. I was exhilarated as I thought of showing it off and having boasting rights. But, before the fish was completely out of the hole, it fell off my line,  flipped around and disappeared back down the hole into the water. I watched helplessly.

“I will never let this happen again, I promised myself.”

One year later, I found myself in pretty-much the same situation: Fishing at Oak Island on Lake of the Woods, alone in my ice shanty, while my media friends from In-Fisherman were doing their thing in a nearby shack.

“Fish on,” I said out loud, as I pulled in my line and a nice northern appeared in the ice hole.

“I’m not going to let it happen again,” I said to myself, as I pulled the fish through the hole.

Dang if that fish didn’t fall off the line before I had it secured. I jumped down into the snow on the sides of the hole, and grabbed the fish the only place I could reach — in the mouth!  The fish didn’t get away this time!

I proudly brought out the fish for photos; I didn’t notice the blood on my hand and arm until after the photo was taken.

You see, northern pike have very sharp teeth — but at least it was one fish that didn’t get away!

*See my separate story on: Crossing several miles of  ice of Lake of the Woods, at night, in a big snowcat!

Truth in advertising: As their publicist of record at that time. I wrote these stories while a guest of Sportsman’s Lodge and Oak Island Lodge on Lake of the Woods,   

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